We are providing Engineering & Consulting Services with our team formed mostly from Mechanical, Material, Welding and QC Engineers who have long-term experiences with us and in the industry.


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ADAM Fabrication offers you engineering services with its experienced detaillers and engineers. We can turn your sketches, drafts or architectural drawings into 3D models. Our service includes 3D computer aided design of items to be fabricated depending on the models, measurements or 2D drawings you provided to us. After getting your approval over 3D drawings of the final item we create shop drawings of the separate parts to be processed before proceeding to actual fabrication.


When we receive a whole 3D model from you in certain formats such as Solidworks we can prepare shop drawings in Autocad formats ourselves.


Or occasionally we may receive a simple sketch where something more precise is necessary to realize the work. In this situation we usually prefer to form the final item virtually in 3D before proceeding to fabrication in order to ensure the perfect finish.


Our services can be summurized as follows;

3D Modeling

Solidworks Modeling

Execution Drawings

Installation Drawings

Assembly Drawings

Shop Drawings


Whatever the ambition of your project, we can produce designs and drawings for all types of works.



Our relationships with our Clients are not one-project based but rather a long term collaboration which depends on mutual trust and respect on each other’s expertise. So besides undertaking their fabrications we also provide them various consulting services for the projects that we somehow can’t fabricate.


As our Clients have experienced our technology-based, engineering-driven and client-focused approach we also received requests from them about monitoring their fabrications with other Turkish companies. We will be with your project from start to finish to ensure the project is completed correctly and thoroughly. We will work closely with you to find solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.  We can make a detailed evaluation and suggest cost-efficient and easy-to-fabricate solutions by adjusting thicknesses, lengths, material quality, machinery selection, fabrication method, etc. in order to make them compatible with the local market standards and machinery capacities so that reaching an optimal solution.


We can either manage your project or provide a turnkey service by undertaking it with all the risks. Our consulting services can be categorized as below:

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