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We are processing aluminium with precision by our CNC Machinery.We are also capable of welding aluminium pieces.We can provide any kind of colored aluminium items you may need...


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We can meet all your aluminium fabrication requirements, from the simple to complex components. Whether it is punching, sawing, machining, assembly or welding we deliver top quality products matched perfectly to your needs and specifications.


Our use of Laser and Water Jet Cutting Machines ensures a high level of precision and accuracy. We can apply all kind of processes on aluminium such as cutting, bending, rolling, surface treatments, etc.


CNC Milling Centers allow us to machine small components from solid plate or extrusion. These give us the capability to produce high quality accurate components at high speed.


We are also capable of applying all kind of surface treatments and finishes for aluminium. Brushing, Polishing and Mirror Finishes as Mechanical Treatments, Etching, Chemical Polishing and Anodising as Chemical Treatments. Especially anodizing is the crucial and essential final finishing on aluminium. Anodising is basically an electrochemical process which artificially increases the thickness of the natural, transparent oxide layer, which is an integrated part of the aluminium surface. Color anodizing is also applicable with a color of your choice.


Our welders performing aluminium welds are certified according to ISO 9606-2:2004 Qualification test of welders - Fusion welding -- Part 2: Aluminium and aluminium alloys.


With aluminium we can fabricate the items below and many others;

Louvers, Canopies, Railings, Staircases, Alight Boxes, Window Frames, Display Stands, Marine Buoys, Architectural Products, Aluminium Pallets, Custom Fabrications, etc.

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