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ADAM Fabrication possesses five different International Certificates for its adopted Quality Systems. We are annually audited by Internationally Accredited Certification Bodies in order to prove that we comply with the requirements of these Quality System Standards.




ISO 9001:2015 | Quality Management Systems

ADAM Fabrication is not only utilizing quality applications at its fabrication but also making all other processes at the company such as management, procurement, human resources, financing, subcontractor management, legal, research and development comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 Standard.





ISO 3834-2:2005 | Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials

ADAM Fabrication applies requirements of ISO 3834-2 for Welding Quality Assurance and associated standards to ensure correct and safe end-products. Our welds are predefined and implemented with the supervision of International Welding Engineers and executed by our Certified Welders. Our Quality Control team strictly applies controls at every stage of fabrication to minimize faults and to keep final components within limits of tolerances set in relevant standards and technical specifications of the projects.

We are fabricating different metals like stainless steel, aluminium and steel. All these materials have different welding methods and standards so welding is the most technical and vital stage of the fabrication. We possess almost every standard weld at our broad WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) library. And for a special weld our Welding Engineers can prepare a WPS in a short time and we apply these welds by certified welders who hold the required WPQ (Welder Performance Qualification).



ISO 10002:2014 | Customer Satisfaction; Guidelines for Complaints Handling in Organizations

Our ISO 10002 Certificate shows the importance we place on Client Satisfaction. As a team who finalized many projects with International companies we deeply know expectations of project officers at every level. We put our upmost efforts to satisfy every single Client representative with our comprehensive services. As a requirement of this standard we are handling all complaints with full attention and record these complaints and solutions in order to prevent these from happening in future projects. Inconveniences may happen as our job is highly complicated but how you handle these inconveniences is important. No matter which side is responsible from a setback we immediately focus on solutions and if it is caused by us we make sure that that problem won’t be repeated in the future. Thanks to our detailed approach and dedication our Clients are satisfied from our fabrication services and some of them also shared their valuable comments which can be examined from our Testimonials page. After you receive our services you are also welcome to share your comments about us by filling out our Comment Form.





OHSAS 18001:2007 | Occupational Health and Safety Management System

As a result of applying the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and relevant standards along with our Zero Tolerance Approach to Health and Safety issues, we gladly didn’t face any incidents resulting with severe injury or decease since our establishment. We believe in continuous education and providing every opportunity for our team to improve themselves both in their profession and regarding Health and Safety issues. We don’t find annual audits of notified bodies enough so we assigned independent 3rd party Health and Safety Specialists to investigate our premises on weekly basis and we apply their additionalprecautions with priority.






ISO 14001:2015 | Environmental Management Systems

We also possess ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. We strongly believe that environmental consciousness is an essential part of our community and modern people so a company shall also operate in harmony with its environment. As a company aware of its environmental responsibilities we take all necessary precautions to minimize our impact on the environment.





ADAM Fabrication is dedicated to customer satisfaction so we continually improve our infrastructure, services and processes in order to achieve a higher quality.

Despite the fact that we also worked with different standards such as ASTM and GOST, ADAM Fabrication and its business partners fundamentally master all the details of EN Norms as we delivered countless projects compatible with European Standards. This also brings us flexibility to adopt to different requests from Clients like lower tolerances and higher quality than International Standards like ISO or EN Norms.


Quality Process of a project starts with specification and code reviews, drawings and project schedule. In addition to our standard quality procedures, we are also creating custom ITPs (Inspection Test Plans) for each project depending on the Technical Specifications provided by our Clients. We are aware of the important fact that every project schedule shall be planned including quality processes in order to achieve deadlines and our given delivery times are always including quality applications in order to prevent any inconvenience. Quality Control of a project is handled as a continuous process starting from reception of enquiries, advancing with proper material procurement and strict inspections at fabrication, finalized with preparation of the Comprehensive Quality File at the end of the project. We apply controls at every stage of fabrication which can be classified as incoming, first article, in-process, pre-finish and final product inspections.

Our almost idealized QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance) systems are results of our feedback practices over our well-evaluated, vast experiences. With these Quality Systems we are able attain International Standards and transcend these standards in most cases.


We are sustaining our overall quality consciousness by working with top professionals and keeping our team educated in all related fields. Our team involves proficient Quality Controller Technicians and Welding Engineers who gained their experience at reputable, global 3rd parties. In addition to this, as global 3rd parties controlled most of our previous works and we are so used to working with them, even if there is no 3rd party control we are able to maintain same quality levels.

In order to identify issues and validate corrective and improving actions we continuously monitor, analyze and enhance all internal and external processes affecting the quality of our fabrications and other services.


We strictly require Mill Certificates according to EN-10204 for all raw materials procured. And all of our welders are certified according to EN ISO 9606-1 for Inox and Steel welding and according to EN ISO 9606- 2 for Aluminium welding. Our surface treatment activities such as passivation, polishing, galvanization, powder coating, painting etc. are monitored, measured and controlled by certified inspectors.

We provide Traceability of the material throughout our fabrication process. As a result of traceability records and documentation, all of our processes can retrospectively be tracked down.

We also apply all kind of NDT (Non-destructive Tests) such as Visual inspection (VT), Liquid penetrant inspection (PT), Magnetic particle testing (MT), Radiographic inspection (RT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Eddy current testing (ET) or other required methods like tension test, pressure test, leakage test, etc. determined at the technical specifications and ITPs (Inspection Test Plans) of the projects.


Depending on client needs our fabrications can be delivered with a Quality Sticker or Quality Tag which can include Barcodes or any brief information required by our Client.

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