There are some qualities that a company providing fabrication services shall have such as reliability, quality, promptness, advanced technology, engineering-driven approach, client-oriented solutions, etc. and a fabricator can’t survive if they don’t possess all of these qualities at a certain high level. We also possess these general and important qualities at high levels and explained our approach to these features at our About Us section.

But there are also some rare characteristics that ADAM Fabrication possesses which we believe distinguish us from other fabricators.

Let us start with our slogan words the lexical meanings of which describes us well but additional notes shall be put in order to reflect our approach thoroughly;



e·lab·o·ra·tive ɪˈlabərətɪv [adj.]

“involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning”

Details can’t be overseen in engineering based processes. There are no small details at engineering projects as one small point can affect the whole system. Every member of our team is conscious that if they are not sure about a detail they can’t apply an inefficient solution as it is a small detail, they shall search for better ways and if necessary ask their supervisors and colleagues until they are sure that it is the right way to do it. Time constraints are not an excuse for bypassing a detail, if we lose time at one point we can always compensate it by creative thinking and hard work or even with spending more resources if required.



syn·er·get·ic ˌsi-nər-ˈje-tik [adj.]

“involving the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”

We have been providing fabrication services to international companies for a long time. Our whole team gained a high level of experience in communicating with international company officers at every level. We quickly grasp the issues and proceed to solutions immediately. Experiences of our Clients and us are not becoming an element of egocentric discussions but used humbly to find optimal solutions serving to the sake of the projects. Our collaboration skills are providing results more than sum of our individual capacities. We are becoming one with our Client to provide more than the desired outcomes.



pro·fi·cient prə-ˈfi-shənt [adj.]

“skilled and experienced”

Proficiency level of one person or entity is usually measured with how many jobs of that kind they’ve accomplished previously. But if a person or entity doesn’t learn from previous experiences and continue repeating the same mistakes while realizing tasks, this experience is actually wasted. In order to be proficient you have to learn from each project, apply this valuable information to the next fabrication process and become flawless in time.

Nowadays proficiency is also not enough for success. Especially in fabrication services you need to add advanced technology to your skills and experiences. A fabricator shall always follow latest technologies and try its best to apply these advancements to its fabrication process as well as what they learn from each of the previous projects.

ADAM Fabrication is keeping records of all previous projects and taking precautions or making improvements at its processes by analyzing these data. We also relish following and learning latest technological developments and put additional effort for constantly adopting our services and fabrications to latest technological advancements. With a combination of experiences, skills and technology we become proficient.


Characteristics that differs us can be summarized as below;

· We are certified and competitive; we are applying international standards to ensure quality while keeping costs at minimum

· We are experienced in working with international companies; we are organized, elaborative and collaborative

· We take responsibility for the sake of the project and always being part of solutions not problems

· We complete challenging and sophisticated projects in time

· We are taking precautions against common faults and generally overlooked important details

· We are handling revisions and additional works as inherent aspects of the projects

Compared to the companies specialized in just one field of fabrication, ADAM Fabrication is capable of comprehending and handling different materials and fabrication methods. When we undertake a project as turnkey, harmonized subsequent processes and our experience in different disciplines enable us to find creative solutions to the problems which seem to be impossible tasks and we complete the projects usually before the required date and with a quality exceeding the pre-determined specifications.



We guarantee our workmanship for a lifetime from the date of delivery.  If in the course of normal, reasonable use our welds, fixings or custom made parts fail - we will ‘make good’ either by repair or replacement at our discretion.  This guarantee does not include parts or equipment used for or in a way not intended or expected by ADAM Fabrication. We reserve the right to determine whether the item(s) are faulty or have been incorrectly used or mistreated.

We guarantee to complete the project in the pre-agreed timeframe, as per our signed agreement or purchase order. Any changes to the original specifications or requirements will extend the timeframe allocated and will need to be approved by ADAM Fabrication and the Client. This timeframe guarantee will not apply where ADAM Fabrication is prevented from completing works due to lack of technical information from the Client, material shortages at the market, non-payment of our account or any other circumstances beyond the control of ADAM Fabrication.

Your projects will be handled with high confidentiality. No information or drawing related to your project will be shared with third parties or companies except for the purposes of job making.

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