As ADAM Fabrication we are mainly offering a wide variety of custom (bespoke) metal fabrication services. We can call our fabricated final products as Engineered Metal Components if it is a single piece or Engineered Metal Equipment, Systems or Processes depending on their level of complexity if they are composed of more than one piece. From single components to complex processes or systems from prototypes to large scale projects we can fabricate almost everything by being competitive, with upmost quality and within the required timelines.

We are mainly fabricating Steel, Stainless Steel (Inox) and Aluminium materials but we also used plastic materials like Castermid and ABS for our Client’s special requests so we are able to provide solutions for many materials at the market. Using both our own facilities and by the help of our subcontractors with whom we have a long standing history we are capable of applying every process on these materials that latest technologies allow us. Thanks to our wide provider and subcontractor chain we are able to undertake sophisticated projects which include different type of materials and require different fabrication methods. Especially Process Manufacturers are benefiting from our comprehensive services. Instead of dealing with a dispersed production network of many shops they benefit from dealing with one company for their fabrications which saves labor, cost and time while avoiding risks.

Besides basic mechanical applications like cutting, drilling, bending, rolling, dishing head, machining, welding etc. by using the latest technology CNC machinary we can also provide special applications like multi-axis laser cutting, robot welding, orbital welding and machining. We have the capability to apply almost all kind of surface treatments or coatings like galvanizing, powder coating, buffing, electro-polishing and so forth.


We are providing services to international companies in different industries including but not limited to Food Processing, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Chemicals, Petrochemical, Medical, Architectural, Energy, Construction, Mining, Marine, Electronics, Bulk Handling, Equipment Manufacturing, etc.


We tried to summarize our comprehensive services under Consulting, Engineering, Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Machining, Decoratives Fabrication, Aluminium Fabrication and Casting titles but we can also provide solutions for other type of materials and disciplines. The best way to understand if ADAM Fabrication will be able to provide a solution for your custom (bespoke) project is simply to send us an inquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your enquiries. Your projects are handled with high confidentiality. No information or drawings related to your project are shared with third parties or companies except for the purposes of job making.


We embrace European standards and European approaches such as pre-engineering and procedural operation as our principles. We resolve your custom (bespoke) projects, determining the optimal fabrication method by taking latest technologies, our capacity and capabilities of our subcontractors into consideration, fabricating the components compatible with European standards and deliver on time. We possess ISO certificates on every area our business requires like company management, fabrication, health and safety, customer satisfaction and environment. You can examine all of our certifications from our Quality Approach section.

We are applying a highly strict quality control process for our fabrications. We are not only realizing the requirements of our ISO 9001:2015-Quality management systems and ISO 3834-2:2005-Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials Certificates but also exceeding these standards in many cases by enabling a sustainable quality environment. Thanks to our fabrication systematics we are able to monitor the fabrications continuously and preventing defects and setbacks by interceptive actions. As our Clients have experienced our technology-based, engineering-driven and client-focused approach we also received requests from them about monitoring their fabrications with other Turkish companies. We can either manage your project or provide a turnkey service by undertaking it with all the risks. We categorized our non-fabricating services under Consulting title, you can visit this section to examine our full range of non-fabricating services.

As we are working with international companies for a long time, we are able to communicate and cooperate with international company officers at every level. We can quickly understand what is requested and proceed to solutions immediately. We form a close and collaborative relation so we are able to prevent a vast majority of problems from occurring. If somehow a problem occurs despite our precautions, no matter coming from which side we directly focus on the solution and prefer contributing to solutions not to problems. Our constructive approach is complemented by our ISO 10002- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations Certificate which is a result of our dedication to fulfilling all Client expectations. It is our great pleasure that we managed to develop long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our Clients. You can learn more about our Clients’ experiences from our Testimonials section by reading their comments.


We are extensively fulfilling the lexical definitions of our slogan words; elaborative, synergetic, proficient;

Elaborative means “involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning”.

Synergetic means “involving the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”.

Proficient means “skilled and experienced”.

For our distinguishing characteristics that lexical meanings can’t cover please visit our Distinctive Aspects section.


We also relish following and learning latest technological developments and put additional effort for constantly adopting our services and fabrications to latest technological advancements. While improving our machinery we are also educating our team to keep our quality at the highest level. We are able to guarantee the reliability, endurance and quality of our fabrications as components fabricated by ADAM Fabrication are at least compatible with European standards and exceed these requirements in many instances.

Reliability is a basic and an essential aspect of a fabrication service provider like us but it is surely not enough anymore in this demanding business environment. When we undertake a project we start acting like your subsidiary not as a separate company. As we made a commitment, we mobilize all of our resources to achieve this goal. We deeply sync with your project and give our best for the sake of the project by not letting small details disrupt the whole process. Our team assigned to your project starts living with it so much that they are almost becoming like your personnel.

We are enthusiastic about having the chance to contribute and add value to your projects

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