Decorative items need multidisciplinary capabilities and expertise which we possess.We are providing solutions & perfect finishes for all types of decorative applications...


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Decoratives is an interdisciplinary area of fabrication. A wide variety of materials like iron, steel, inox, aluminium can be used along with complementary rubber and plastic items. And many processes shall be applied to these materials such as machining, cutting, welding, surface treatment, coating, etc. in order to realize the requested final product. Thanks to our long time interdisciplinary infrastructure and experience we are able to provide solutions even for the decorative fabrications that seem to impossible tasks. Many International companies benefited from our comprehensive fabrication capabilities to realize  their eccentric designs.


Custom fabricated metal artworks is another area we provide services for. Designers couldn’t always predict the fabrication method for their designs for several reasons and create designs that are very hard to fabricate. Every Contractor may face a problem like this while trying to impress the Jobholder. When we encounter this kind of uncommon designs we can provide a solution by determining the optimal fabrication method while considering practicability, costs, quality and time.


We have the capability to form nearly all types of convex and concave shapes from steel, stainlees steel and aluminium.


We are fabricating decorative accessories and fasteners with CNC machinery.


Finishing is the most important stage of decoratives fabrication. Thanks to our ability to apply all kinds of surface finishings such as buffing, passivating, electro-polishing, powder coating, anodising, chemically brightening, etc. our decorative fabrications reach their most aesthetic appearance.




We have the capability to work with a wide range of materials to fabricate decoratives including but not limited to;

Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Composites, Glass, Fiberglass, Polycarbonate


Decorative items that we can manufacture can be summarized as below;

▪ Architectural fabrications like sculptures, statues, monuments, models, canopies etc.

▪ Facade panels

▪ Ceiling panels

▪ Decorative elements for columns

▪ Decorative casting elements

▪ Ornamental iron

▪ Decorative fences, doors, stairs, gates, railings

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